Commands: quest

Aliases: quests

View information about your current quests. Quests are handed out by NPCs that
have a "(!)" next to their name. You must greet NPCs in order for them to give
you a quest. See more at help greet.

Viewing all active quests:

[ ] > quest

View the requirements for a quest:

[ ] > quest show 1
[ ] > quest info 1

Quests are tracked as you pick them up. One quest will be the tracked quest
at a time. This quest is viewable with a shortened command.

[ ] > quest info

You can track new quests with the track sub-command. This will replace your
currently tracked quest.

[ ] > quest track 1

Completing quests:

You can complete a quest after all the quest requirements are fulfilled. Go back
to the quest giver and use the quest complete command.

[ ] > quest complete
[ ] > quest complete 1