Commands: config

The config command lets you view and set your player configuration options.

You can change the following options:

A true/false option to show hints in the game, use config [on|off]

The amount of lines that should be returned in a single page for a
paginated response. Default is 20 lines.

A string that is formatted to display your prompt, use config set. See more
about prompts at help prompt.

A true/false option that will show regeneration notifications, use config [on|off]

Replace [color] with a color tag from the color tags list. You can set via
config set color_npc blue for instance. You can reset your colors with color reset.

View a list of configuration options
[ ] > config

Turn a config on:
[ ] > config on hints

Turn a config off:
[ ] > config off hints

Set a config:
[ ] > config set prompt %h/%Hhp