Honing your basic stats

2018-03-18 07:30 PM

With the most recent deploy, how stats are gained each level is drastically changed. Now, each stat will gain +1 and the top two stats based on skill usage during the level will get an additional +1. Health points and skill points gain +5 per level, and will also boost based on what you used in the previous level. This allows for a more custom character, because what you used will influence how it grows.

You can also hone your stats. With honing you can spend some of your experience to increase a stat by +1 (or +5 for health points and skill points). It costs 300 XP to raise a stat. This lets you further customize your character. It also gives you more options to choose to spend your experience on (the other being training new skills.)

Characters have also been reset with this change.

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