Clickable commands

2018-03-16 09:00 AM

New in the web client is clicking on things tagged as commands. Commands the game sends as text, most often help topics, are now underlined and if you click them will send the command to the game.

For example, you might see the Town Square like this. In this example, you can click on “help quests” and have it auto send the text for you.

Town Square
A small fountain is in the middle of a the town square. Villagers are selling
items alongside the fountain. A town crier stands around telling all who will
listen about the local bandit problem.

He has a quest for you, you can greet town crier to get started. You can reply
with your message. See help tell, help greet, and help quests for more
information. Next to the Town Crier stands a sign.

[120/120hp 140/140sp 63/65mv 95xp] > help quests

Commands: quest
Aliases: quests
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